Creativity makes a difference
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Monte Smith Custom Builder transforms houses into dream homes by designing with art and skill for beauty, comfort and function.

“Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Our Story

Custom Home Building - Built Around Your Lifestyle

We are building unique homes with extraordinary ideas & quality workmanship.

At Monte Smith we create homes that function around a family’s needs and lifestyle.  We understand that each and every home we build is unique, and that is why we do not take a cookie cutter approach to custom home building.  No matter your stage or situation in life, we will listen to you and pay attention to the small details that help to make a house a home. Throughout the custom home building process, we are creatively designing and planning to fit your family into your home design as opposed to trying to make a home function for your family.

We listen to what is important to our clients and design a dream home to combine the most efficient use of materials and space, while maintaining the highest level of energy efficiency possible. We strive to create a style that falls within the design perimeters of existing types of designs by following examples of great American architects and interior designers, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, who established the credo, “Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

Enhancing a Home’s Beauty by Incorporating Creative Design Elements

Inspired by America’s greatest architects and designers, we overcome obstacles with out-of-the-box thinking to build the best home for you.

We encourage our clients to take every opportunity to challenge our creativity by incorporating the latest innovations into a home design. The overall beauty of a home is enhanced by certain design elements that allow for the uninterrupted flow of light, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere that can transform a mere house into the home of your dreams.  These elements represent the “form” that Frank Lloyd Wright transformed into works of art. We design beautiful homes for people that are functional for their lifestyle.

Monte Smith strives to achieve a high level of artistry, with graceful lines in the exterior treatment of eves, windows and roof lines, each of which add depth and beauty to the overall appearance of the home.  Inside features add warmth and depth to all living spaces, through the use of open rooms, high ceilings and oversized windows to allow increased sunlight. Creating a custom home design requires both art and skill. We design a home to fit your building site, your lifestyle and your budget.


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Remember, creativity makes a difference in making your house a home. Let’s explore the ideas you have for your dream home.