Creativity makes a difference
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We ask questions, listen and work directly with you to build the best home for you.

Getting to Know You

Monte Smith wants to build more than just a beautiful home for you.  We want to build your dream! It is essential that we establish a good rapport with our clients in order to have openness so that we may really explore everything you want when building your dream.  In order to do that, we think that it is important to get to know you, how you live and learn what you want in your home and how you are going to live in that space so that we can create a home that meets your needs and functions with you and your family’s lifestyle.

Designing For You

We consider designing a home an art, and we utilize our expert skills to incorporate the latest innovations into a home design to create overall beauty and function.  We work hand-in-hand with you to create a home that suits your property, lifestyle and budget. One of the biggest surprises most of our clients discover is that custom home building is affordable.  We are here to listen to your needs, whether we are designing your dream home, transitional home or building due to an accident or injury, we custom build a home to work for your specific situation.

Working With You

Throughout the custom design and construction process, we pay attention to all the little details so that we can confidently build a dream for you.  We take a hands-on approach to working through those details in order to help facilitate the decisions that need to be made, so you can have an excellent custom home building experience.  It is our goal to help you seamlessly transition from your unique design to a completed home that you love and that fits your unique needs and budget.


We are creative thinkers and active listeners, and we want you to bring your ideas to us so that we may research them and carefully implement them in your home design.


For over 30 years, Monte Smith has been a leader in custom home building in Montgomery, Lake Conroe, North Houston and the surrounding counties.


We are inspired by the great American architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, and we design beautiful, functional homes to be in harmony with your lifestyle.


Our crews have worked with us for over 25 years, and we are aligned with our expectations.  If there is a problem we will resolve the issue with quality workmanship.


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Remember, creativity makes a difference in making your house a home. Let’s explore the ideas you have for your dream home.